First Approach and Trial Period (Postulancy)

The first meetings with a sister, whether by coincidence or expressly sought, give structure to this wish. Some read brochures, others come for a visit. This way one gets to know the other.
Those wishing to find out whether the Ursuline life is for them, move into the Motherhouse and share the life of the sisters for a period of about one year called the "Postulancy".

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Formation (Noviciate)

A period of two years follows preparing for the life in the Society of St. Ursula, which is called the Noviciate. The novice cuts down on contacts with the outside world and her responsibilities and devotes herself mainly to practice and deepen her spiritual life.


After the Noviciate, the young sister dedicates her life to God and commits herself as an Ursuline to the "Society of St. Ursula". From now on, she is a member of the community, initially for a limited period of time (one year, three years). She may make her final vows only after a period of five or more years. The "Perpetual Profession" represents a lifelong commitment.

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