Changing Tasks

Charism is more than a profession, more than the concrete work of a community.

From Teaching ...

The "Great Stockalper" brought the first teaching Ursulines to Brig.
During the last three centuries, priority has been given to teaching, reason why we considered ourselves being a teaching congregation.
With the decline of our school-based activity in the 20th Century, especially in Switzerland, we are again open for the original aim of our foundress:

"To make Jesus Christ known and loved ..."

We want to make Jesus Christ known in a holistic sense:

  • through our being
  • through our Christian values, which we live by,
  • through the way in which we treat others,
  • and, when appropriate, by words.

... to Religious Education in an all-embracing Way

For Mother Anne religious education was more important than just teaching at school:

"The goal of this instruction is that they may learn
what is necessary for a happy and truly Christian life:
this includes Christian doctrine, how to pray etc. ?
and similar things necessary for a spiritual life.
In order to inspire them, they will also be taught to read and write."

(according to one of our foundation texts)

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